About Us

Company history

Sedium RD was established in 2006 as a research and development company, a subsidiary of private diagnostic laboratory Sedium. The original aim was to participate in various research projects in several areas.

Later on, laboratory part was acquired by laboratory chain MeDiLa and Sedium RD became an independent company.

In 2009, company obtained know-how in immunoassay development and started close cooperation with prominent experts in the area. Investment in this field paid of soon and company main program became development and marketing of immunoassays, based on ELISA and immunochemilunescent platform.

Sedium RD gradually became present in several areas of immunodiagnostic market, including food allergen testing, environmental pollution testing and it became internationally present also in in vitro diagnostics market as well. Simultaneously, Sedium RD initiated several interlaboratory assay verification and EQA programs.

In the beginning of 2017, company underwent significant changes in company ownership structure. Soon afterwards, we decided to give priority to the programme we are best in – the development and production of food allergen assays for food industry and food quality control laboratories. Although we intend to keep several popular products from environmental area and some others in our portfolio, main focus will be development and production of sensitive, reliable and robust immunodiagnostic kits for the determination of food allergen presence in ELISA and EET (easy enzyme test) formats.