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Easy Enzymatic Test (EET) for the Detection of the Presence of Soya Proteins in Foods

This easy enzymatic test for the detection of the presence of soya in foods is based on the reaction of specific antibodies with soya proteins in extracts from various foods. All necessary reagents are ready to use in reaction vials that form the complete set of EET Soya. The set is designed for the analysis of five different samples. The result of the analysis is interpreted in the form of:

a) a negative sample (does not contain soya proteins)

b) a questionable sample (might contain soya proteins)

Together with five foodstuff extracts, two control samples are analysed simultaneously ďż˝ a negative sample (with zero content of soya proteins) and a positive sample (that contains 5 mg of gluten in one kilogram or one litre of the tested foodstuff, which is on the borderline of being positive). The evaluation is based on the visual comparison of the intensity of blue coloring of tested samples with blue coloring of the positive control sample and with the negative control sample that is colorless. The sample whose coloring is comparable with the coloring of the positive control sample, or is even more intense, can be considered as positive, which means that it contains soya proteins.